University of California, Berkeley

University of Cambridge

  • MPhil, Philosophy, 2011

  • Dissertation: The Normativity of Concepts

  • Advisor: Tim Crane

Williams College

  • BA, summa cum laude, Philosophy, 2009


"Attitude and the Normativity of Law"

Selected Fellowships & Awards

Humanities Teaching Fellow, UC Berkeley, 2017

  • Awarded to approximately 0.1% of graduate student instructors.

Teaching Effectiveness Award, UC Berkeley, 2017

  • Awarded to approximately 0.5% of graduate student instructors.

Townsend Dissertation Fellowship, UC Berkeley, 2017-2018

  • Awarded to six graduate students in the humanities. Funding one year of research.

William Fink Prize in Philosophy, UC Berkeley, 2015

  • Awarded for the best paper by a philosophy graduate student. Only awarded in years where a paper “goes considerably beyond the level necessary for successful completion of the course requirements in our graduate program.”

Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, UC Berkeley, 2015

  • Awarded to approximately 9% of graduate student instructors.

Dr. Herchel Smith Fellowship, University of Cambridge, 2009

  • Awarded to six Williams College graduates. Funding two years of graduate work.

John W. Miller Prize in Philosophy, Williams College, 2009

  • Awarded to “the outstanding philosophy student each year.”

Laszlo G. Versenyi Memorial Prize, Williams College, 2009

  • Awarded to the best philosophy student pursuing graduate study in philosophy.

Dewey Prize, Williams College, 2009

  • Awarded by College President and Deans for “most credible oration in point of composition and delivery at the commencement exercises.”

Refereed Presentations

“How to Make a Rule: A Defense of an Old and Discredited Theory”

  • Eastern APA Poster Session, Savannah, GA, 2018

  • International Social Ontology Conference, University of Cambridge, 2017

  • Berkeley-London Conference, UC Berkeley, 2017

“Against the Moral Attitude Constraint”

  • Northwest Philosophy Conference, Gonzaga University, 2016

“Prefaces, Beliefs, and Mere Acceptances”

  • Berkeley-London Conference, University of London, 2012

“Justified and Unjustified Love”

  • Reasons of Love International Conference, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2011

Invited & Departmental Presentations

“Water Right and Rule Creation”

  • MIST Seminar Speaker, UC Merced, 2018

“Normativity and Etiquette”

  • Guest lecture in John Searle’s Philosophy of Society course, 2016

“Non-Moral Norms”

  • Work-in-Progress Lunch, UC Berkeley, 2015

“The Internal Point of View”

  • Richard Wollheim Society, UC Berkeley, 2014

“Kripke and Rule Following”

  • Presentation to Undergraduate Phil Forum, UC Berkeley, 2013

“Descartes’s Fifth Meditation"

  • Two guest lectures in Hannah Ginsborg's Modern Philosophy course, 2013

“Concepts and Empirical Psychology”

  • Richard Wollheim Society, UC Berkeley, 2011

“Williamson and the Supposed Primeness of Knowledge”

  • Philosophy Graduate Seminar, University of Cambridge, 2010

“Justified True Belief is Knowledge”

  • MPhil Seminar, University of Cambridge, 2010

Teaching Experience

For my teaching experience, go here.

Graduate Coursework

Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory (Josh Cohen & Chris Kutz)
Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory (Josh Cohen & Véronique Munoz-Dardé)
Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory (Josh Cohen & Sarah Song)
Foundations of Legal Philosophy (Chris Kutz)
The Normativity of Meaning (Qualifying Exam - Hannah Ginsborg)
Natural Kinds (Qualifying Exam - John MacFarlane)
Reasons for Love (Qualifying Exam - Niko Kolodny)
Assessment Sensitivity (John MacFarlane)
Aristotle’s Conception of Animal and Human Agency (Klaus Corcilius)
Epistemic Logic and Epistemology (Wes Holiday)
Perception (John Searle)
Spinoza (Tim Crockett)
Modal Reasoning (Wes Holiday)
Judgment, Competence, and ‘Practical Knowledge’ (Barry Stroud)
The Intentionality of Perceptual Experience (John Searle)
Intermediate Logic (Paolo Mancosu)
History of Political Philosophy (Niko Kolodny)
Theory of Meaning (John Campbell)
Logic, Epistemology, and Natural Language (Seth Yalcin)
Empiricist Themes in Perception (John Campbell & Michael Martin)
Form & Meaning (Seth Yalcin)
Philosophy of Language (John Searle)


Berkeley-Stanford-Davis Conference Sumission Reviewer (2016)
Graduate Student Instructor Assignment Sub-Committee (2015)
New Crop Essay Prize Judge (2013)
Graduate Student Representative to the Philosophy Faculty (2012)
Prospective Graduate Student Liaison (2012)
Co-organizer of Richard Wollheim Society (2011)

Current as of August 25, 2017