As Primary Instructor:

  1. Individual Morality and Social Justice (UC Berkeley, Summer 2017) evaluations
  2. Introduction to Philosophy: Mind-Body Problem (San Quentin State Prison, Fall 2016) evaluations
  3. Introduction to Philosophy: Metaphysics (San Quentin State Prison, Summer 2015) evaluations
  4. Introduction to Philosophy: Epistemology (San Quentin State Prison, Spring 2014) evaluations
  5. Introduction to Philosophy: Early Modern (San Quentin State Prison, Spring 2013) evaluations

As Graduate Student Instructor:

  1. Individual Morality and Social Justice (Niko Kolodny, Spring 2017) evaluations
  2. Hume (Barry Stroud, Fall 2015) evaluations
  3. Philosophy of Society (John Searle, Spring 2015) evaluations
  4. Descartes (Tim Crockett, Fall 2014) evaluations
  5. Philosophy of Language (John Searle, Spring 2014) evaluations
  6. Philosophical Methods (Daniel Warren, Fall 2013) evaluations
  7. Introduction to Logic (Justin Bledin, Summer 2013) evaluations
  8. Modern Philosophy (Hannah Ginsborg, Spring 2013) evaluations
  9. Nature of Mind (John Campbell, Fall 2012) evaluations
  10. Metaphysics (Dan Gibberman, Summer 2012) evaluations