Phil 2:
Individual Morality and Social Justice


Bellow are my reading guides for some of the readings for this course.


  1. Jeremy Bentham, two selections from Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation
  2. Jeremy Bentham, selection from Offenses Against One's Self
  3. J.J.C. Smart, "Utilitarianism and Justice" form An Outline of a System of Utilitarian Ethics
  4. John Rawls, "Classical Utilitarianism" and "The Reasoning Leading to the Principle of Average Utility" from A Theory of Justice
  5. Aristotle, selection from Nicomachian Ethics
  6. Thomas Hobbes, selections from Leviathan
  7. Friedrich Nietzsche, selections from On the Genealogy of Morals
  8. A.J. Ayer, selection from Language, Truth, and Logic
  9. Bernard Williams, "Relativism" form Morality: An Introduction to Ethics
  10. Plato, selection from Euthyphro

These are only some of the readings for this course. For the full list of readings, see the syllabus above.